October 19, 2019




First, the talent agent assistant’s job is to assist talent agents in discovering new talents and then s/he, together with the talent agent, supervises and plans the artist’s career.

Seems like an easy job to do, to discover and to take care of artists. By artists, we refer to: actors, singers, models, musicians, photographers and scriptwriter and any other people who work in the artistic field like making movies, singing, advertising, etc.

We may say that it is not so easy and, like any other job, it involves some duties and some responsibilities, which the talent agent assistant has to accomplish.


To succeed in your work as a talent agent assistant and to make the artist succeed, it is necessary for you, as a talent agent assistant, to get involved, plan, conduct and supervise some activities.

First, the assistant has to discover the artists, of course. Depending on the talent each have, the talent agent together with the talent agent assistant will try to find for each artist the desired job. Sometimes, this can be difficult. For example, a model might want to go on stage and parade but the agent and his assistant are having difficulty finding this job. Instead, they will look for other jobs, like making pictorial for different magazines.

When required, the talent agent assistant will assist talent agents in discovering and promoting new talents at television soaps and movies. For singers and musicians, they have to plan and coordinate auditions.

In order to recommend the most qualified artist for a job and also in order to give the artist the greatest opportunity, the assistant has to inspect periodically all the portfolios.

For all his clients, the assistant has the duty of scheduling auditions, planning and coordinating casting meetings.

A difficult but important responsibility for and assistant is to create a relationship with his clients.

Sometimes, relationships can be complicated and hard to maintain. In order to keep a good relationship with all clients, trust is necessary on both sides. This trust can be earned only in time.

The talent agent assistant will provide administrative and client support such as reviewing materials, generating and scheduling auditions, as well as collaborating with casting directors, managers and publicists.

Job Requirements

A talent agent assistant has to possess excellent communication and organizational skills, creativity and management skills. He also has to maintain good relationships with all clients and agencies.

A talent agent assistant can be an interesting job were one can meet many people. To be successful in this job, it is necessary to promote your clients’ talent as best you can, to accomplish their goals and objectives and to manage well their legal contract business. Doing all this, being strongly motivated, always paying attention to your clients’ desires and getting the best contracts for them will ensure you a great career as a talent agent assistant.

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